The Comprehensive Guide to Mastering SharePoint Designer 2013


As we delve into the mastery of SharePoint Designer 2013, it is essential to understand the intriguing components of the software. Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 is an incredibly versatile product. This tool not only streamlines company operations but also significantly enhances productivity.

Chapter 1: An Overview of SharePoint Designer 2013

SharePoint Designer 2013 is a free tool made available by Microsoft. This SharePoint version holds several significant enhancements from its predecessors, such as the integration of a powerful web publishing model. Additionally, SharePoint Designer 2013 enriches the existing SharePoint platform, resulting in a sophisticated yet user-friendly experience.

Chapter 2: Exploring the Designer interface

The first interaction with the SharePoint Designer 2013 interface might seem overwhelming, albeit its user-friendliness. However, as one progresses with familiarity, the interface’s efficiency and practicality become more evident. The elegant design, coupled with the dynamic editing capabilities it provides, contributes to an incremental shift in collaborative and individual workspaces.

Chapter 3: Building Applications with SharePoint Designer 2013

SharePoint Designer 2013 brings an innovative simplification to the process of building applications. Its User Interface offers direct access to lists, libraries, workflow management, and application parts, among other things. Using its intuitive interface, one can easily create profoundly intricate applications that can handle complex datasets and operations.

Chapter 4: Advanced features of SharePoint Designer 2013

In addition to its basic functionalities, SharePoint Designer 2013 brings to the table several advanced features that are catered towards experienced users.

Chapter 5: Workflow Creation in SharePoint Designer 2013

Workflows are essential elements in any SharePoint workspace, primarily for automating business processes. SharePoint Designer 2013 offers a powerful, graphical designer to create workflows, manage their conditions, and specify the actions to happen on certain triggers.

Chapter 6: Debugging and Testing

Just like creating the application, testing it for errors is essential to ensure its flawless functionality. SharePoint Designer 2013 provides an effective debugging platform that eases testing procedures and ensures the application rolls out smoothly.

Chapter 7: Enhancing the SharePoint Experience through Integrations

You can take the SharePoint experience to another level by integrating it with other Microsoft products such as Power BI and MS Excel, to name a couple. This further expands the versatility of SharePoint, making it a comprehensive data management tool suitable for any organization.


Given its potent capabilities, SharePoint Designer 2013 stands as a solid pillar in Microsoft’s product line-up. Its wide array of features, the flexibility it offers, along with its user-friendly interface, all contribute to an enhanced workspace that fosters individual and collaborative productivity. Whether you are an organization seeking to refine its workflows or an individual aiming for efficiency, SharePoint Designer 2013 deserves a go.

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